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    Malware : Malicious softwares are somehow most common way to get acess to any device,malware can access your microphone, shell of your device ( pictures and documents) , Camera, Call logs & sms, all the applications you use & your screen.

    Major Types of malwares -

    • Traditional virus - A normal virus ( piece of code) that requires a host and victim. When this script is expected it damages ( mostly encrypts files) & more depends on the code.You can get these from pirated movies, pirated apps and usb.

    • Trojan horses - Trojan horses creates a payload between you and the host & can acess you whole device without authentication, mostly you can get this from Pirated Games, pirated applications & pirated movies & movies.

    • Adware - Somehow I personally don't consider this as virus, but it's still dangerous. It shows unwanted commercials & Popups on your device. It can also hijack your browser in some cases so your browsing history and cookies can be stolen.you will probably get this from pirated movies, games and applications too & Usb.

    • Spyware - Spyware somehow most dangerous and most useful one. Let's talk about positive side you can use spyware against the terrorists & can it's very useful for national security.
      Now negative side, people can use these Spywares against anyone for this you need to open link and download things, and can get from pirated movies, games and applications. Spywares can acess your webcams, microphone, call logs & web cam and device shell.

    • Worms - Worms are basically a virus that doesn't need any host, it just spread and spread .suppose your device got malware and you shared some files from your pc to another device then it can spread to another device too, their main goal is to multiply & encrypts all the files and make them Unacessable.You can get these from pirated games, movies, Links & Usb

    • Backdoor - Backdoor gives the host permission to acess your device and run all the remote command, the host can also update the Malware if needed. You can get this from same things I mentioned before.

    So somehow, pirated games & Generators are biggest baits. Kind of those pop-up ads too.


    I don't know if anyone care or not, I just makes these posts to get rid of boredom, ignore grammar mistakes too

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    @newuser Oh, Dang this one is very sweet bro. You really educating us this time, and it is something we all need to know, since, we almost all, have computers, weather it be tablet, phone or laptop/pc.. good on you bro.. great topic.!!!

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