I have a difficult question that I struggle with:(

  • Hello reader, I am 17 years old. When I was around the age of 11, I had quite a difficult time. I had just come out to my very toxic and abusive stephdad as a part of the LGBT. He did not accept any of that, and decided to force me to watch straight porn. Slowly this turned into beastality porn and all kinds of animal related videos. I never told anyone this because it is quite hard on me. But not that I am 17 I slowly started to get a kink for beastality, which I do not want at all!! I have tried not thinking about it and putting it away but my mind keeps thinking about it and I keep coming back to it. I don't act on it myself whatsoever, but I do watch videos now and then. I'm very embarrassed about it and I want this to go away as soon as possible. Does anyone have any advice? :( I'm sorry if this is weird.

  • Keep in mind that it’s next to impossible to get consent from an animal. Just focus on something else. Find something like writing is for me. That all sounds like a pretty good screenplay. It’s hard. You would really have to confront yourself for all that. It could be good for you. At least outline it. Make it a story.

  • It deserves at least that.

  • @Kyle-Norwood thank you so much. I know it's wrong and I should not think of animals in that way, I will try my best to distract myself from it.