My Wife was molested by step dad as child and still talks to him?

  • I am not sure what to think about this. My wife was molested between 7-10 years old and the Mother allowed him to stay in the house because "they could not afford anything without him" I know this had to hurt her. I hate this man and I want to beat the you know what out of him and I am VERY rude the couple of times we have been around each other but she still talks to him not in a loving way or creepy way just Still talks to him as if nothing ever happened.. Please someone with experience tell me how I can help suppor her

  • I can't give advice or anything to you. But I did experience being molested 3 times as well. And by experience I can tell you that being molested will leave her some after effects. Maybe she's afraid at him even right now and is pretending only for the sake of appearance. I'm not sure but I do the same thing. I feel awkward and angry being in the same room with my molester but can't do anything about since I feel ashamed of what happen. Just be with her side and try talking to her make her understand that you'll never leave her and that she's okay to do anything because you're right there beside her. God bless to the both of you. Keep safe.