How do you deal with an eating disorder?

  • I'm just very curious in how to make stuff like this better. I've been struggling with Bulimia for a while now, I actually just threw up an hour ago and I just really want help. I have just quit therapy as well and eventho I will be in a clinic soon, I don't want my parents to deal with this as well as my other mental problems.
    If anyone knows any tips, I'd be glad to hear :]]

  • im bullemic myself.been doing that for years.
    ive stopped doing it by using several methods

    1) long as its around 20,i felt doesnt matter if you still perceive that your body is still fat/bloated(its a form of body dysmorphia,i guess).just drill it into your mind that BMI=20 is good.

    2)calculate your calories intake.i have this app in my phone where i can easily input the amount of stuff that you ate and they calculated the calories just like that.

    3)eat foods with high fibre content.oats,legumes,fruits.those things makes your stomach feel full for quite a long period of,theyre good for you


    i dont know about you,but my tendency to vomit back the food I ate stems from the guilt I felt for eating and the way I view my body.
    so,if I ate healthy,exercise and controls my calory intake,that feeling of guilt and my anxiety that i overate will lessen.

    its not an easy takes months or years to suppress this desire/compulsion,but,its worth it.
    i know you can do it too,buddy!