• I was the guy who always tried to make things up, kept himself energetic, a guy who always kept moving. But now things are changed, I'm changed, I don't feel the energy to move further on. Things are falling apart and I'm just lost. With no idea of what I'm doing with my life.

  • Just go with the flow , don't be too hard on yourself.

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    @abeeed Keep pushing on bro. That's one thing we all encounter but just that we limit expressing it to everyone as some may discourage you the more and luckily others motivating you to advance. Here's sth if you like20210609_125807_edited.mp4

  • @abeeed Everything will eventually be fine. Life isn't a bed of roses, sometimes it's sucks, there's war, starvation, bad times and death. But still it's beautiful, not perfect, not by a long shot but far better than nothing. There's love from family and friends, too.
    Want to go to North Pole with me? We won't get lost. It's one of the only two place on Earth where we will be facing the same direction no matter which way we turn 😳 Cheer up!

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