is violence attractive to people?? why??

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    during my years in middle school, i would always argue with guys and push them against my locker if they did something i didn’t like. i started to notice a trend.. most of the guys i disputed with often ended up asking me out. in my elementary and middle school years, i didn’t j u s t push people against a locker.... i was pretty violent when it came to people (specifically guys because they were the only ones doing the things) who irritated, annoyed, or made me uncomfortable. I PROMISE IM NOT AS VIOLENT ANYMORE but i was just wondering if people find such behavior attractive. i didn’t do such things in hopes to attract anyone, i did it to yk make people s t o p. does it assert dominance, which can seem attractive??? i remember i went on omegle (don’t ask why there out of all places) and asked this random guy if boys think violence is attractive. he said that it shows how close the person is to another. i understand what he said, and i just want to know everyone’s opinions. i feel like this topic is closely related to how a bunch of simps say stuff like “please step on me”

  • @peepeed420 thode types of guys are just either addicted to watching violent porn or...they think it's cool to fight with someone you like . Fight in the how to explain ._.

  • @peepeed420 said in is violence attractive to people?? why??:

    @Flintt OH- i see what you mean lmao makes sense

    😂 I think things will be different for such people when they grow up

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    @Pp-26 OHMYGOSH that makes so much sense! people like people who can defend themselves. woahhhh it’s like the “ohmygosh they’re so cool” effect. we are both assertive and swaggy in the eyes of others 😎

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    @Flintt OH- i see what you mean lmao makes sense

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    @Flintt ahaha at first i thought they were masochists

  • I think at that age a guy is just into a girl touching him in any way, shape, or form. Physical contact = maybe there's a chance. Just my opinion. Lesson: When fighting with a guy always use a nonsexual object to beat him with, like a bible or a pistol.

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    @Cold-Sun ohhhhhhh i used to have push up competitions with guys, and i would always win them. i guess that goes into the physical strength category. after fifth grade, i incorporated the good ol’ pencil

  • @peepeed420 Violence is hot and therefore sexy 😉 ..until you have to clean up the mess 😀 No, no, just kidding, Im sorry...
    If I were in your situation, I think I'd walk away rather than waste my time and energy. Violence is not attractive. It's scary and ruins my day. It can even ruins my life. Why would I want to do it? If there's even a chance of de-escalating the situation, I would do that instead.

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    Everyone has a different opinion ,

    In school , Found many characteristics in various persons attractive .. Violence however, was not one of them. , and highly doubt that it'd be a turn-on for many... regardless the gender.

    maybe was just me but it Portrayed certain infamous attributes : a sense of lack of self-control ; characterlessness ; short temper ; rough/unorganised mindset.

    Acted more of a turn-off quite frankly.

    What's highly likely , is that those guys were just dazzled by the fact of you touching them.
    They mustve been like

    "She. Touched. Me."

    And mind you , a person of opposite gender touching in school days (or in some cases at any point of time , school /college /work) was not very not-forgettable (regardless the gender) and surely it wouldve lurked around in their mind for quite a while

    Oh to be young , and to feel love's keen sting

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    @peepeed420 Amongst the components that'd make violence attractive is if it's terminated in a cordinated group of a hybridized or single gender and the parties involved know how to get away with it or it's actually performed by someone that is surtain he or she is more superior than the victim to which it's inflicted on. This mal act can be accompanied by one having more physical strength than the counterpart or basically possessing sth so life threatening like a gun or sth of that sort. Now you can tell why a seven year sharp holding a Mossberg 930 has no fear blasting on a 25 year old busta. There has to be sth that boosts one's confidence for it followed by other aspects like a revenge impulse.

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    @cinnamonrollz111 OOOOOO i see i see does a pencil count???

  • While reading this I was reminded of My take on this would be pretty simple. I think guys or anyone for that matter likes people who have POWER and dominance it might seem normal but not many people have the confidence to do what they like and be upfront about what they don't. Like you said you became violent to people who made you uncomfortable and you were assertive about it. It was the case with me too, in elementary even tho I never got into physical fights but always called out what I thought was wrong, and didn't think what others would think of me. I think that was when people started approaching me and guys started asking me out more.

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    @peepeed420 Good ol' pencil???😂

  • @peepeed420
    No i dont think so. I think the point is boys are simple creatures who usually think girl’s behaviors such as pushing and hitting are signs. Before they went to sleep they can’t stop thinking of their pitiful tiny little experience with girls lately, the more fierce and impressive the experience, the more they think about it. And they all might confused it with love. Cant really blame them since most boys have zero to none of experience, they dont even know much about themselves much less about attraction and love.

    So yeah, boy teenagers think your violent behavior as some form of closeness not attraction, this is similar to the Stockholm syndrome or Suspension Bridge effect

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    @kaia_ I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND i’m not that violent anymore but my dad was that one “YEAHHHH VIOLENCE!!! GUNS, BLOOD, DEATH” guy and raised me to always fight back which i later realized was not really something a grade schooler should be thinking about. continuously turning to violent measures is sooooo unnecessary and backfires a lotttt.

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    @D-dvd OHHHHH that makes so much sense! thank you:) so it creates a memorable moment, to which people tend to overthink. i think the lack of experience in recognizing love was the key answer i was looking for, since i’m still young

  • bc niggas always like a toxic bitch😹😹

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    @Cold-Sun shhhh that was my top secret weapon

  • @peepeed420 It's attractive sometimes cause it shows no fear towards lifes hard situation which some girls will find good cz they want to feel safe with their partners! But now Its rediculous to think like this when money can talk in almost any situation even the dangerous ones .

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