• Why does everything get blown out of proportion and arguments get heated when we talk about touchy subjects?

  • @DIV I was asked if I like the POTUS. I replied yes then this dude went way into left field with dumb comments and telling me what a POS I was for supporting him. Can we as human beings not have a civilized conversation these days? It's ok to have different point of views.

  • @DIV I was not trying to convert him in any way. Im ok that people have different onions than I do. What I am not ok with is the way the conversation ended up. Someone yelling and screaming at me for no apparent reason other than they cannot control their emotions. Even if there is not “full agreement” in the end, positive communication skills help move a conversation along effectively and work toward building a solid foundation of respect.

  • @DIV That's exactly what I'm saying.

    It won't let me type in the chatroom. Says i need to verify email which i have already done. 🤷‍♂️