what does it mean to love 2 people at once???

  • I love my boyfriend so much, but yesterday my bestfriend wasnt at school, her boyfriend came to the desk beside mine, in 3rd period, and it wasnt even his seat then he started talking to me and telling me funny jokes that made me feel a lot better. idk if he was tryin to make me feel better or what, i do love my boyfriend but i also think i might have a crush on my bestfriends boyfriend too, what does that mean and what do i do????????????

  • It is simple. Do the sensible thing. Talk to your boy friend about it and discuss that you felt that way. This will make you much closer to him and make him feel important. Now what not to do: Do not do the things that the TV shows show. Do not betray your boyfriend and your best friend otherwise you will end up losing both of them!

  • Loving two people at the same time means you're needy and/or confused about the person you are or what you seek for. You may like those two people because both have something you identify to or seek into your life.

  • @kh1137 that means you should stop letting your emotions lead you. Emotions are like a drunk monkey, unpredictable. Logic is your best option. Let your emotions do whatever they want but only act logically and try to write a philosophical line of reasoning on a paper without acting towards this problem

  • @kh1137 do you want to know what's the best way to write a philosophy reasoning thread on a paper? To keep your actions lead by logic and not emotions

  • @AlwaysStranger but i dont know how to feel anymore ever since my grandmother died i havent been able to feel

  • @kh1137 your post says you love /have feelings towards 2 people at the same time. You just contradicted yourself. Care to reiterate

  • Agree with @davitchen and @anonymoususer05.. you need to talk it with your boyfriend by telling him what you feel.. if your BF love you, he will try to do thing to make things work.. you may have to check yourself that if you're needy person or not to confirm @davitchen words..

    Don't betray your bestfriend.. There's nothing like bestfriend in the whole world

  • loving more than one person is okay. Being in love with more than one is not possible. Im pretty sure you don't "love" the other guy. Youre confused and I guess is thinking about what happened two days ago a little too hard. Something that happened for maybe an hour or so. its okay to have a "crush" on someone who's not your bf/gf but just coz you have a crush that person, doesnt mean you have to act on it or be gf and bf. a good friend can also make you laugh and feel better.

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