• Hi. It is my first time on these types of sites but i need some serious advice. I am in a relationship of 3 years but unfortunately these months were very difficult for us. we are always arguing and we are both going through a very complicated phase in our lives. i am going through a depression due to a family tragedy and he feels lost and unmotivated with his current life. He told me that he wanted to broker up with me because he needed time for him and that he is no longer able to give me the attention I need. He is my best friend and considers him the love of my life and I have always imagined a future with him. So I am quite shocked and lost with all this. Furthermore, he said no longer loves me as he once did, but that he still feels love for me. He said that is depressed to and need time to be alone. I don't know what to do and I need help. I really love this guy and i dont want to loss him...

  • @Someone173 hey do you want chat

  • I’ve been going through something very similar with my boyfriend actually he’s also been really unmotivated except I was the one feeling different about our relationship. But we sorted it out. I suggest you both talk about your problems Openly and honestly cause it sounds like you’re both lacking communication and clearly he needs to put so effort into a lot of things cause lack of motivation could be what caused him to love you differently. It’s probably been the whole Covid thing tbh. So I think apart from more communication you should both support each other any way possible to improve and mend your relationship

  • Soul Searchers

    is easier if you talk about it with him, if is not possible, talk with us or your close friends, that he wants a brake does not mean he will not be back

  • @Someone173 you might have to let him go to get him back me and my wife are going through the same kind of thing

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