• I was talking with my siblings a few days ago and my sister told me something. so my nephew is turning 14 soon and he is not the most social person and is looking for a girl to date. he likes talking over chat and sometimes likes to do voice calls. he's looking for a girl around his age to go out with and he doesn't know any dating sites he can go on for teens. please if you know a good site for him to date a girl that's around 14 please let me know, it would mean the world to him. thank you.

  • Young relationships are more unstable than young friendships.
    More difficult to maintain, and an addition to an existing friendship.

    Interests in relationship is a wonderful aspect. There are no "good site" in existence I would say.
    Being parents, knowing what we know, we're not exactly promoting dating site for teenagers.

    I would highly suggests advising the nephew that interests is what brings people together.
    The interest of desiring to know what it is like to "date" isn't the most positive one. However, very natural of course.

    What I mean is, whatever his hobbies are, whatever he likes doing, there's probably others out there whom are "not the most social person" either and enjoy those hobbies as well.

    Instead of looking for someone to date, just look for more people to know, to share interest. Dating then would evolve from that naturally.

    In the adult world, "dating" can be seen as just a quick first date of 3 hours to get to know one another from complete stranger. To decide if there will be a second date. Adults have better idea of what they're looking for, what to expect within a partner.

    For two teenagers to undergo that scenario is a bit overwhelming and perhaps ludicrous.
    Especially for this scenario, the nephew should continue to socialize, and dating will naturally be in that socialization. For it to be a goal, is for like an adult saying "I will now go find my one true love".

    Be patience, youngsters are usually comparing themselves to their peer. "Every other couple have love, why am I missing it. It's so easy for everyone else." The reality is, it's easy for no one at the very essence of the matter.

    The easier it is, the more unreal it is. The quicker it became, the faster it may be undone.
    Most of us later in life will eventually realize that, time is precious.
    Spending time being single, taking care of one self is already a heavy feat.

    Thus, healthy adult relationships usually consist of partners whom already have their individual lives taken care of before they enter that next chapter of their life, aka "a relationship".

  • @Zas One of the best possible comments/ answers one could have written to the original question.