Why do we still try to find love even if it hurts?

  • Why exactly do we try to find love when most of us knows how painful it is to actually fail on finding it. We were put through tough times because of it. We were made to questions our self worth because of it. We were made to do foolish things because of it. We made decisions that cannot be taken back of which may some result of our lives broken and our path uncertain. Why indeed right? The answer is simple. That is because we are human. And through love we feel the joy and sorrow of being alive. We try to find love even if it hurts because we need it to tell ourselves that To love means to Live.

  • Because once you find it...evrything was worth it!

  • @Guilty-Sin If it hurts the feelings must not have been mutual, which seems to be the norm. One person in love, the other: not so much. Relationships tend to be rushed when new, no real foundation; things in common, morals, values, differing religions, cultures, and other important considerations are mostly ignored or blindly accepted; and so, when the exciting newness of the weakly-bonded partnership wears off, it all goes to crap.