Does anybody else agree with the fact that corona virus has came back in its second wave and that we should be taking these protocals much more seirously for real or more people will get infected and more people may die out? The hospitals are filling up again, KIDS are now the ones getting more infected by this virus. Do you agree that we should WEAR masks or NO. If yes, please explain. If not, also, please explain!! This is a serious topic istg. Don't make fun. I'm just making sure and wondering what everyone else thinks of this pandemic and do you think we should keep wearing masks and standing six feet apart? Or just not care.

    Your're choice! ;) <3

  • @jj-ckfm Wear the mask. We should take reasonable precaution and follow advice from the experts or the health service to help us stay safe until the situation returns to normal. We have been given a mutual adversary in this virus, and we need to exercise our mutual consideration and responsibility in order to beat it. We will be able to ward off this virus!


    @kaia_ yeah your right. I'm glad to hear that is your opinion! :)

  • Gamers Live Chat Regulars LurkersForLife

    Hey obviously everyone needs to be extra careful and try to stay safe because the only way to stop it is to be more careful to prevent more death and also one of them could be the people in our life. So please have that in mind when you go outside

  • I wear a mask, and you do realize the health authorities have said that masks dont work?

    what we need to be wearing is respirators not surgical cloth masks.

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