• @Nah I think you're just defining love in your own way. What you're saying makes me think of when people say "things never touch" & the atoms repel.

  • @Allison All I'm saying is it's true for every relation of "Love" or "love at first site" starts with lust.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • love does not exist #feelingedgy

  • wow u must have been hurt by some one i think true love does exists my parents have been married for 51 years now its the hope single people have

  • I would like to suggest that love and desires are two different entities. Spiritually Love is the source of everything. Everything can be explained with love . Love is selfless,. Chemically it may be a neurotransmitter sprouting beautiful thought and butterflies in your stomach but psychologically love is just like square root of -1 to a machine. Love is never for personal benefit or desire. It demands sacrifices like a mother makes for her kid and in fables a lover do for his/her beloved. Love is in short going to all extents and never asking anything in return but what benefits the beloved the most. Meanwhile desires are personal. Desires mix with love that is present in every action and everything. Simple example is greed and materialistic approach to life which is simply love for wealth or the current standard. Sex is human desire. We are enslaved to our desires. You can love someone who you find very dear and do not have sex with them if you really care about them or you can claim you want to live with someone forever and break up with them because of a stupid argument. To free ourselves, we need to free ourselves from desires, only then we will see a greater image. This is my understanding of love and desire.

  • Animal Lovers Music Lovers MORBHEAD

    @Allison like u say , "spread da love without spreading da leg " .

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