• Canned down 6 pints, was all normal not even close to drunk. To wrap the night had a small bottle of wine and went straight to bed, forgetting to pee before curling up in my duvet. Woke up at around 2 in the midnight to find myself fking locked with an immense urge to pee, like my bladders gonna burst. Got out of the bed somehow went to the washroom drunky drunk and peed. Now lads, always pee before going to bed after you had good few pints, you dont wanna be waking up drunk, with a bladder ful of water and sleepy as hell. That, possibly one the worst feeling ever i experienced

  • Ex texted me ,she hooked up with my friend and after an argument her friends call me and say she did this because I wasn't enough for her and I need to respect her wish!
    I wanted to bash some skulls, but morals stopped me... worst feeli when you are your own bloody anchor

  • @Sourav-C aah man feel you, be strong.

  • @brownie94 Thanks man. I'm over her, I just wanted her to say what she felt , not listen to her friends yapping nonsense... even my best friend never cleared the air between us, I guess you just can't figure out some people, right?