• What are some things one can do to get rid of loneliness. Give me a list of things.

  • I personally find an online game and just play. idk why its so much easier to get friends online than it is in real life. well at least it is for me. ofc if you have some friends that are free play online With them. Loneliness is more seen on as a feeling and not something a person is.

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  • @sarah 1. play some videogames with real life friends or online friends to get over
    2. go for a walk and order some food ( you might be hungry )
    3. just talk with people and meet new ones, sometime loneliness comes from less interacting with other people ?
    i hope it helps!

  • Well, what I usually do to relive loneliness and what I would recommend is:

    1. Go to the random chat.
    2. Watch some tv.
    3. Go for a walk (I usually go round to the park, but sometimes I manage to get to the beach)
    4. Read a book. (just a simple feel-good book)
    5. Or try this simple game: take a coin, go out side and walk until you come to some intersection, flip the coin to decide where you're going to go. Do this a few more times until you end up somewhere new or at least fun.
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    Just don't feel lonely even if you are all alone.
    Try to do things which you cheer you up.
    Im saying this because at certain point of our lives being alone is better than being with a couple of fake people.

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  • Loneliness, albeit a natural feeling, is not something most people want to experience. Studies have shown that poor sleep and lack of physical activity are correlated to feelings of loneliness so here are some advice on how to avoid loneliness
    -reading regularly
    -Playing a sport
    -Look for good hikes in your area, or simply explore a new park.
    Try going kayaking or on a bike ride, if you’re not interested in just walking around.
    -Adopt a pet
    Keep in mind that getting a pet is a big responsibility, and does require a large amount of time and care.
    -Go for coffee or to a cafe
    -Take a walk through a local park
    Run errands together (specifically with a close friend/family member)
    -Going to a music festival or other related event
    -There are certain foods particularly fruits and vegetables that contain hormones that increase happiness.
    Just a few advice to avoid loneliness

  • Start a workout routine, running outside for a bit for example or just take a walk, see the world get some fresh air stay positive
    Watch something while eating(anime, cartoons, movies, series, random youtube vids there's ALOT out there you must find something)
    Sleep always help, a nap for example, or a 1-2 hours sleep
    Remember that you are never alone, you are surrounded by people, and there's plenty of people that care for you out there
    These are a few things I do whenever my mood gets down and i feel lonely, as a last resort i get myself a drink to cheer up, i love wine but usually food and sleep solves it hope it will help ^^

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  • I find that loneliness can become addictive once you made a friend out of it, gives you a chance to work on yourself mentally and physically. So maybe try that.

  • @sarah If you want to spent constructive time then...
    First I'll say don'ts:

    1. Avoid internet ( ig u know why 😜)
    2. Don't sleep
    3. Don't watch TV

    Now Dos:

    1. Read books (my least fav)
    2. Art and craft
    3. Dancing
    4. Cooking and learning new recipies
    5. Call your relatives.. (it's actually good although sounds strange)
    6. take out old photo albums and go through (helps sometimes)
    7. go for sports or exercise

  • Just try doing what you like the most or get occupied with something. Try to avoid an empty mind, or you'll be filled with depressing and bad thoughts

  • The cars are my three kids

  • Seek a meaningful connection with a person who respects you.

  • Watch awesome anime ....

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  • @sarah couple ways watch anime (comedy) or funny vids on yt OOOOOOR cri ;-; or ya watch comedy stuff

  • smear / eat poo

  • Go on YouTube and listen to Some Tuba concerto or Mozarts Requiem or Beethoven 9th Symphony or Watch Øystein Baadsvik or listen to ABBA or Elvis Presley

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