• You should learn how diversity works. Learn to respect it, if you wanted to be respected.

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  • Just one question, Why do you think people would unconditionally respect someone who they think are beneath them or like below them. @Highlighter

  • @DarkHorseDemon Thank you for your curiosity Mr.

    First and foremost,  respect should not be asked or demanded from anyone nor be done to anyone. It is freely given in any circumstances that are considered proper or appropriate. Logically, it's a give and take type such as respect from a child to his father and a father to his child. If you want to be respected, you, yourself must show respect to yourself before others give the respect you deserve. Thus, if you think that they don't deserve the equal respect you want for yourself then be it, at least you never showed anything (by words or deeds) that in turn you'll be labeled disrespectful, not unless you find so much foolishness in them that you can control your emotion (remember we are just human). I hope you get what I mean Mr 😄. Again you don't have to lower yourself and give unconditional respect to anyone because we are born equally (no matter how diverse we are). Because, if that would be the case, there will be two type of person who will become popular  around the world, the abuse and the abusive.

  • @Highlighter No no you misunderstood me I've no problem in respecting others even if they don't respect my words or beliefs but like you said its human nature. But why do we respect some influencer or a big star without even actually knowing them personally which would mean we can unconditionally respect someone if we think that they are of some virtue but we as humans can never respect someone equal to us unconditionally. We only like, love and respect those who are like making huge fame on the internet or someone we deem worthy of it, no one else and the moment we think that a person is below us or below average we can never respect them until we can actually know the person.

    Hope that made some sense and sorry if I misunderstood what you were trying to say.

  • manners maketh men

  • @DarkHorseDemon sorry for the late reply, Mr. I got you 😀. Actually you have a very big point. That is very obvious since then. In fact even in our society it is undeniably observed. (even a person is not popular in the first place) . Say for example, a person who is totally different, whom you think is greater (an alpha) than you. Allow me to state this fact, we were colonized by western for 3 centuries, how we act towards Westerners might be an effect of what they did as influencers. They have instilled in our minds that we are lower, nothing, and illiterate form of human beings. Hence, until now it's part of our mindset that whenever we see western people or foreigners, either black or white, we tend respect them even more because of amazement and how we look at them.

    In my opinion, its very sad that we easily fooled from what is obviously seen outside richness, power, and beauty.

  • @Highlighter Yeah that is true