Who Did It Better? No. 1

  • Certain songs are known for being recorded by more than one artist/band. Trying something new, here. Don't You (Forget About Me) Who did it better? 🤔 Comments and opinions welcome!

    Billy Idol!

    Simple Minds!

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    You can't make me pick

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  • @Sassygirl Hahaha THE BREAKFAST CLUB!


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    Billy's is cool, flashy, nasty and quite honestly, boring. There is nothing to add this song but a typical Billy snarl lips. But Simple Minds version, hits you from behind your back, by presenting it suddle, almost too calming, with a hint of edgy meaning. And then it rises and nails you against the wall with their dreaded lonesome calmness, that flows like water dripping out of a rain gutter. It moves you, not necessarily comfortably, but it shows that life exist, even in rust. Billy's is just, "yeah lets just rock and dance", almost too boring. If Billy could have put more time and effort, he could have made it his own, and really brought rage and defience into it, but instead, just a rock dance pop. Kinda expected better from Billy, or, just that, Simple Minds version (that was originally written for David Bowie) was produced incredibly well.. Nice work it is, indeed.

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    Another good one is, Kinks "you really got me" vs Van Halen "you really got me". They are almost day and night difference. Same with Dylan "Wild Thing" vs Hendrix "Wild Thing". That was just incredible.

  • @AXES You have a spot on take regarding these 2 versions, and quite accurate descriptions of both! I agree with all you said. I THINK Billy's never made it past the "demo" stage, and if that's the case it would explain the "rough" almost not-finished sound. Simple Minds NAILED IT. 😀👍

  • @AXES I think if I do more topics like this I'm going to try for separate versions that are...kind of similar. There are SO MANY cover versions that are, as you said, night and day different. Speaking of Hendrix, his classic Are you Experienced? compared to DEVO's own take. About as "night and day" different as it gets! LOL

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