• There were a lot of people in this site who have asked how I look like and even requested a photo of mine (both men and women), however it is always been my answer to say NO. Following to my answer is a question, Why are you curious? I'm fluttered with similar replies I got, they were very curious to the person behind the name HIGHLIGHTER. Others would say they want to be friends with the person behind the screen which made me think for a second.

    Isn't it better to see how nice a person base on how he/she replies without filter? Isn't it better to find out his/her character first and discover that when the time comes he/she well never ever judge you because that friend you knew for years has pure intention. Thus he/she will never ever think to reject you as a being because your friend got a chance to read you before. Isn't it cool that you find a person interesting by how he/she gives you time and emphaty whenever you feel life is unfair? Lastly, isn't it safe for both of you to feel private for a moment as you discover commonalities that make both of you click as friends but amazingly feel that there's somebody out there who ask for your goodness and safety from Him.

    What I'm trying to point out here is, a picture only tells you the outside but never gives you the chance to see the real beauty that last forever.

    This is not just for you but for everyone! 😀🙏

  • @riagan maybe you have to rephrase your sentence. You don't have to generalise them. Remember, there are more that 3500 people who are using this site. What about those 10% people who are thinking that this site is a great avenue to express one self knowing the fact that some of us might be suffering from anxiety and depression due to what we are facing everyday. Some just want to share what's in their heart that breaking them into tiny pieces. You're just judging them.

  • @riagan there is honestly, what I meant is you just have a single reason and you're generalising it. It would be unfair to those people who have different reasons. So we should not be judgemental, there are women and other below there legal age who asked to because they had not seen a person from afar chatting them, so they are just curious what's that person look like. Are you saying that they all think the same, No of course so allow them to ask and never ever judge them when you don't know. 😀😀

  • people don't care about personality. they just want a quick nut. that's why they're asking to see you.

  • sure people use this as a distraction and a way to avoid whatever may be happening in their personal life's. but what im talking about is the people who ask to see you. pretty sure well over half of those just want to see you so they can bust a nut.

  • that has nothing to do with wanting to see a pic of a female

  • @riagan I understand your concern therefore I thank you 🙂. Don't worry I'm a very selective person and I can read people's intentions, I can tell. Also I would like to let them talk first and explain before I take an action hence I was able to explain these things to you. Thank you 😀😀

  • Yeah some people get serious on here 😂

  • @Highlighter damn that's the longest msg i ever read

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