• Truth be told, I've been more than a bit stressed, for several reasons, and for several days, now. As is always the case Life offers some of the greatest joys, and the deepest sorrows. Without going into too much detail, let me just say that in many ways a lot of my coin flips have recently been coming up...tails. As a result, and as I often do, I'm sharing some fresh grooves today, and a...different vibe. Some drifty dream-pop with a touch of country torch and twang. This one, as much for me, as for all of you. In hopes of...taking a bit of the edge off certain uncertain life events. Drive on, to the last exit. It's not far, just up ahead.

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    @Lazz The last exit could reference a leaving of the highway of misery or maybe it’s the final exit to the hereafter. Guess it depends where on the road you are and which exit you take. Oddly I kinda like this tune