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    @kitt so i see what you mean by those words. But the thing is that some of those traits are obtained as we age and they are expected from men. Some of them get shaped because of our instincts.
    A man needs to make the first move. A man needs to be able to take care of you. A man must have an idea about his future and how to succeed. A man needs to be funny and smart and also know how to attract women by his words.
    On the other hand , a man's anchor to emotions and kindness is a woman. All those above are done so that we can finally find that woman who can be with us and enlighten our hearts and lives with her presence and actions. Also we need someone to keep us in check

    When a woman is independant and can take care of her self alot of those worries get solved.
    Its just a whole lot of stress being a man.

  • @kitt According to me men and women are almost similar in many aspects(since both of them are humans) but certainly they are not equal as nature has made them to be different.If we compare the traits of both male and females,the major difference between them is physical strength in which males definitely triumph over females as it is quite obvious if you see.But in case of intelligence,logical thinking and sense of responsibility,all are same in both of them if we compare them analytically and sensibly.Though males seem to better than females in such aspects as we can see in our world most of the nobel prize winners and rulers are male.But it is not true,it's because of the dominant character in males and submissiveness in the females which plays an important role there.Women tend to be more submissive and resort to the male authority,so in many cases they fail to think on their own and entitle to their own opinion which restricts them from progressive thinking(which was more prevalent in old times,although nowadays things may seem different).Males on the other hand likes to hold authority over everyone and being dominant,in fact in most cases men seems to be very protective of their manhood .It can be also seen another instance that most females prefer males taller than them which is because they want some dominant character to protect them.Another thing that you mentioned was about that males seems to be funny and cool compared to females which i believe it maybe true because males tend to be more outgoing and expressive of them and less sensitive to criticism it's also because of their dominant character,they don't seem to care much.Females on the other hand due to their submissiveness are more vulnerable and concerned about other's people's opinions so they repress themselves in most times.But to me, all this stuff,i will not term it as being gender bias or patriarchy but it's quite natural as these characteristics are rooted in us since birth.But the intelligence and sense of logical thinking in both the cases are similar in some cases women also tend to be more intelligent compared to males,if we compare them properly. here's a video

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    I just want to know that why out of all the humans I have ever met or known of, males seem to be better.

    well, it's very simple. it's because you want it to be true.

    i mean, you're essentially presenting your personal opinions and subjective observations as logical facts. making generalized assumptions about large groups of people based on limited data is a very dangerous thing to do.

    Why are more men cool/funny/impressive/likeable/genuine than women?

    i mean gee, what kind of an argument is that? you're basing this on... what?

    Are these differences somehow rooted in our upbringing of our children? Is women's potential somehow subdued in the way we treat our girls?

    yes and no. it's true that men and women have different traits and ways of thinking. some of it might be biological, but i do think that most of these differences can be chalked up to nurture, enforced gender expression and societal pressures.

    ultimately, there are no inferior or superior genders, and trying to start some kind of a "battle of the sexes" is just dumb imo. we're all different and differences should be celebrated, not pitted against each other.

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  • @sarah_the_magpie This.....seems as quite good answer.🙂

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    @kitt well i mean women are born with like a natural beauty but men have to work out and try hard for it. Thats i guess why a woman attacts men more than the opposite . Also the thing is that men fall in love through their eyes but women through their ears(by beautiful words) . So its kinda easier for men to know if they like someone they see. But for women its more clear when they talk to the guy.

  • @kitt Hmm,I must say the answer is quite simple ,we can't decide an answer.{Now that I think again,we can decide an answer but that is really like ,men seems a bit more better in the aspects you have mentioned because of how our society bombards them with too much expectation,that is ;A parent comes to kid(male)and says son,When you grow up you should become good,strong responsible.............. Man.like this so in the kids mind their parents are expecting something from them so they narurally tend to fulfill their expectations,but if it was a another kid(female) she would have perfomed equally if her parents were like the parents of the first kid,but sadly in most households girl childs are given same expectation and care as boys so I guess.this can count as an answer.

    My own opinion,based on how I am living right now;I have to say in my home my sister receives much more care than I receive and she is better than me in everything you can think about[expect her character towards me].😅so if somebody asks me is a man or women better I guess truthfully I have to say a women.😅

    @Rajeev2021 I guess what you told is best answer but I have to say our point of veiw differs quite a bit.🙁

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    @kitt said in Battle of the sexes (is that a movie or something?):

    I just want to know that why out of all the humans I have ever met or known of, males seem to be better.

    Yes, homosexual males(including the majority of men who hide their true orientation) tend to be better because they are gay

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