• Hi. Ive never done this sort of thing before but im out of options. I was raped as a child and as a result of this I spent my entire life since the event being somewhat of a sexual manic. Either I have times when I masturbate/have sex more than 5/6 times a day OR periods when being touched/touching myself sickens me. The periods of time with no touching have made up 90% of my life. The relationships im in now is the first time ive been able to see a future with someone. The longer we live together the more I want him but I cant allow myself to ask for these new urges im feeling to be fulfilled. I dont know how to initiate sex as all the people ive had sex with before have been rather rough and always chose when we do it. He knows about my past and is very scared to push so he does nothing at all. We have sex maybe one time every two months despite me wanting it every day. I sicken myself that I want it, I cant ask for it and im seriously starting to be deprived. I want the intimacy equally as much as the sex. I need both. What scares me is ive never felt before that I NEEDED it like I do now with him. I cant ask, I just cant. For the first few months I would run a bath and masturbate a few times and that was enough but it starting to not be enough. I'm starting to go to bed upset and stressed. I cant feel any release. Help me please.

  • @jellybeangirl123 ask ur guy to read this....as simple as that...see whatever thing that u think is chaining u is all in ur head...so let go of the chains...
    think what maximum can happen..be prepared for it...play that scenario in ur head....and do it...thats it...u want life to be simple..be simple dont complicate it...yes u were raped.(that monster will rot in hell)..yes ur past relationships werent ideal...but the good thing abt it is that its in the past...and u r in a different place now...so why act like u r still in the past?

    also u see u have told him about how much you hate ur past sexual experiences ...so he has concluded that u absolutely hate sex...and he loves you and doesnt want to force u into it..so u should understand and tell him..that u r ok..and u want him...because he is nothing like others...he makes you want him so damn much....and that u r actually enjoying it with him.

  • You have to freely tell him about this. Act flirty and say that you want more than just once every two months. Be very direct. Let him know that you understand that he cares for you and does not push you, but also tell him to forget about your past and move on.

  • kissing passionetly and good oral sex could satisfy you

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    I can only see this from the male point of view. Just touch him... the body is a great communicator. He needs to know you want him. In today's society men are constantly being told that they are monsters for their sexual desires... he is mindful of your history and doesn't want to hurt you. Now you've got to show you trust him... tell him something you would love to be done to you. He'll be hesitant... show him it's okay.