• @Heyyy21 is it boring and hard ,being an archeologist?

  • @Heyyy21 It's a dirty job. Digging around, muddy, dusty, filthy 😂jk
    I respect your profession, without you the history feels more like speculative fiction.
    As you mentioned Greece and Turkey, I want you to tell me about Hagia Sophia from archaeological perspective. I admire this ancient building.. Let's take it as a building, not a church or mosque or museum...you know what I mean ✌

  • @kaia_ I was shocked when Turkish government decided to use it as a mosque again. I know Turkish people, most of them don't respect history and historical sites, building etc. must be protected 24/7 or someone will vandalize it for sure. And it already started I saw pictures of people putting their shoes on 500 years old marbles or praying on 400 years of wooden platforms. I hope they don't ruin those frescos. In my opinion even visitation must be limited because whenever I saw it has restoration or reconstruction works going on. So this means building itself or the things inside got problems that can't be solved easily. But now it's filled with people 5 times a day. I respect their religion I hope they respect the history.

    If we take it as a building on architecture side. It was the biggest building of it's time. And believed to be a miracle and for a long time no such building constructed. It still has an amazing acoustic. It's definitely a sign of greatness for Roman Empire. (I call Roman Empire because that's what they called themselves, the word Byzantine is actually used later by historians to distinguish them or used Eastern Roman Empire). Eventually marked as center of the world and probably built for that purpose as well and they did bring several monuments to Constantinopolis to show it and they put them next to it inside hippodrome now called Sultan Ahmed Square. 2 of them is still there the Obelisk of Thutmose III from Egypt and Serpent Column from Delphi which is a monument made after the Persian-Greek wars. This serpent column is the important one because religious and prophecy activities in Delphi was already banned but it was the center of the world with this monument they wanted to validate that Constantinopolis is now the center of the world. Column's body is still on the square and it had 3 serpent heads, unfortunately 2 of them are lost and 1 of them is in Istanbul Archaeology Museum.

  • @Max256 for me I love archaeology. Field work, digging is amazing to me. Never got bored. For me the boring part is drawing ceramic pieces by hand. God it really sucks. After 4-5 pieces it becomes so boring I just want to leave :) Because we need to draw then as precise as we can even a single 1/10 milimeter mistake could make us draw it again. Also for me because I'm colorblind distinguishing colors of ceramics is impossible and I need help every single time. And because I'm working on architecture and got good drawing skills If I'm available people always want me on ceramic drawing :) and sometimes it's impossible to say no :)

  • @Heyyy21 what were your greatest finds 😱😱

  • @Heyyy21 Thanks for your clarity of thought and information.
    I think that was their political decision, desperate measures…

  • @Heyyy21 I didn't understand what you meant by ceramic drawing in archeology,but I guess I can't become one because my drawing is really bad.But digging sounds fun.

  • @Heyyy21 thanks so much!!!!

  • @kaia_ probably religious government needs religious decisions to stay strong i guess

  • @Max256 by ceramic drawing i meant we find ceramics as whole or as fragments but all must the drawn by hand on a paper for archives and catalogs both digital and physical. Also you don't have to do it as I've told before my expertise is architecture but sometimes people are so overhelmed and needs help because most common findings are ceramic fragments. For example if we find a structure maybe we find a statue or some statue fragments but maybe 200-300 pieces of ceramic fragments could be found.

  • @Heyyy21 okay.

  • @underpaid-FB-emloyee may sound insignificant but finding something is not done alone so as an equip you find and mostly the head of excavation takes credit of course mentioning the team members. Usually excavations are done by large groups split across the field. And when something is found for example a structure does who specialize continue the work. For me we found a 2 m. statue of an Roman Emperor whose name I don't remember but it was early Roman Empire era when I was an intern. 2 years ago found a chapel. Found several whole ceramics with unique paintings. Found column pieces used as gravestones in villages. But mostly I've worked on already found structures for their drawings, reconstructions on pc, finding out materials used, building technics etc. If I'm available and needed I was sent for ceramic drawing and cleaning or cataloging on warehouse etc. So basically there's not much I've found :)

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    what's your shoe size?

  • @sarah_the_magpie didn't expect this :) for EU it's 48 for US it's 15

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    Ever plant "finds" to either increase your funding or to get further approval to continue a dig when the project is nearing completion?

    Will you now I've given you the idea?

  • @Heyyy21 do u raid tombs like lara croft

  • @Heyyy21 I want to ask infinite questions to you can I follow u , I want ask abt archeology

  • @TARAAA sorry for replying after a while i was in an excavation andd returned today sure you can follow me and ask me anything you want :)

  • @WtfDeckoFalls we raid tombs but not like lara croft :) we raid with little brushes :)

  • @Mydogsexedmycat i've never witnessed this but probably some people do it in my opinion, but mostly near villagers do make their own fakes and try to sell them or they try to show us and make profit out of it and of course after we study we understand it's fake :)