we both felt a connection, then turns out you're not been honest with me since day one

  • One Woman Army

    the internet.
    everything is fake deep nowadays
    life plagued by internet gurus
    teaching about a love they’ve
    yet to provide to the women
    in their lives
    fooling these hurt women
    who follow in search of clarity
    but confusion is all they’re selling
    stringing together words to create sentences
    to manipulate the masses
    of women who wish for nothing more
    than to be loved and cherished
    this hurts me . . .

    r.h. Sin

  • @Dark-Sunshine wow ,something simple and understandable from you .I am amazed.I thought everthing you liked was too complicated for simple people like me!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • One Woman Army

    for youuu


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