• Well, I've been back under a week, and had hoped to have an idea of what to share about the recent trip, by now. So far, about all I can come up with is that it was refreshing. Felt like home. Can't wait to go back. Dreaded the long drive back to Colorado. Didn't end up staying in N.D. got a different room in S.D. and stayed in the Black Hills area. In ways, I came alive there. I had some company, and saw a lot of the sights. Although it was a good trip, all it really seemed to do was make me realize just how much I am not content where I am. Changes being made, plans in motion. Things don't happen overnight, but I'm already feeling the pull to go back. Oh, Mt Rushmore was cool, too. For now that will about sum it up.

  • You should visit upstate New York

  • @spiritwolf I have family there, but I've never been. Looks nice, from pics I've seen

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