• I am Jesus. Masih ibn Maryam...What if i am not? how will i know if i am.. what if all this is an illusion.

    The crowd rejoices as the new-born child is being burnt alive. The blue-eyed blind man is mutilating the child slowly...very slowly. the child is laughing for some reason...and the nation also starts laughing as the limbs of the child are being separated.

    Meanwhile CIA plots another terror attack.

    In another dimension,
    Hind Bint Ubtah chewed Hamza's liver then spat it out. Then she went and mutilated Hamza and made anklets, necklaces and pendants from his body, and brought them and his liver to Mecca.

    Hamza was buried in the same grave as his nephew Abdullah ibn Jahsh. Muhammad later said, "I saw the angels washing Hamza because he was in Paradise on that day". Muhammad later forgave Hind Bint Ubtah. the tears not t be forgotten...

    Abu jahal tortures the slave sumayyah and his husband to death.

    Thomas Edison gets the fame while Nikola Tesla is hallucinating.

    Fatima used to go to Hamza's grave and tend it

    Vlad Dracula,the most handsome and the strongest man in the village, leading the humanity. He controls the mindflayer. he is the mindflayer. He is the hero. he is the one with blue blood, the conqueror, the honest,the emancipator of women, the killer of the inferior lives..... he has the birth right of superiority

    He is enslaving the half-dead pigeons and killing the lowest breeds of humanity, the lowest of the low, the ugliest of the ugly, the ones who never had any right to exist, the ones cursed by Noah...curse flowing through blood..schizophrenic breed of humans drinking alcohol...fatherless homes...carnival creature

    getting offended too easily..The right handed leftist virtue signaler playing the saviour.

    The beauty of hiroshima still captivates the human heart.

    Kneeling roses disappearing into
    Moses' dry mouth
    Breaking into fort knox stealing
    Our intentions

    PTSD of the mutilated ancestors giving him Schizophrenia. Mossad supplies alcohol for free at the ghetto.

    The desert sand swallows the prince. Nikola Tesla crying for some reason.

    Alaha blessing the burdened souls with love and mercy and showing them the heaven...forgiving the good pagans and believers...isolated verses..out of context...false analysis

    Returning To the Highest companions

  • You are a sweet potato

  • @Mashiach
    Isa-Ibn-Maryam keeps the sheep in line while the hilltops burn

  • Banned

    Oh, god, what a story

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