Anyone Went/Watched The Tribute For Chester Bennington? (Linkin Park)

  • The One More Light Tribute for Chester was at Hollywood LA last night. It was freakin' amazing! 😄

    Watch it here if you like!:

    And if you're feeling generous, give A donation while you're at it to help fight depression and suicide. 😄

    I just wish I could rewind time just to see Chester and actually go to A LP concert. I've never been to one because I kept forgetting to save money, and I don't have any friends to go with. Now it's too late to see one of my idol's and I'll always regret it...

    Long live his voice for many generations to come, as he provided that voice to to the voiceless!

    Thankyou Linkin Park and Chester so much! And to whoever listens and supports them!

  • @lucifer_ It's all good man. Just wondering if there are some LP fans on here! But I feel that he was such A underappreciated vocalist in the industry as well. There are many great voices out there, and we have lost many such as the classics like Freddy Mercury, Kurt Kobain which have always stood out to me. But Chester was able to project his voice like no other as well! He managed to be able to put 2 voices in one as he sang as described by fans. If he wanted to growl and scream, he could do that perfectly. But then he could put A melodic voice straight away with no hassle.

    Then he was able to put those 2 voices together and project it, which was just astonishing to me. He was also just A simple yet extremely nice guy as well! Despite the stressful life he would of had.

    It's been 3 months, but me any many others can still not believe he's gone. His body may be not awake anymore, but his voice and soul will live forever!

  • Thankyou for making this post @Segaside.

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