Has anyone here had a UFO/ET experience?

  • a few friends and myself have had some interesting encounters. Not all as obvious as others. Has anyone had an experience that leads them to believe or be curious in extraterrestrials?

  • Yes I watched plenty of videos about them... Do u have any pics or videos u can share?

    Aliens r infact real. See this

  • @sarah There are many alien evidence in youtube if you like to find more about it. and they are real among us for many decade..

  • @sarah this video looks like an extremely malnuturished human being.

  • Here's a famous astrophysicists view on ufo claims






  • @Iwant2believe have u heard about wow signal ?

  • @Iwant2believe not quite a ufo experience but I’ve had 2 experiences that involved “ Apparation “

    1: I was working late at work ( we do metal working this plays a part in this ) and while at my machine I noticed a gentleman about 5’4” ( typical short height of males in 1800s ) well dressed in what looked like a suit and beaver skin hat just appear for maybe a half second to a second out of the corner of my eye he was looking at me with interest. Next thing I noticed he was gone. Now the street name is Weinig street that this place is located and upon doing more research there was a family Weinig that dealt with metal working in New York I believe ( the street in question is in North Carolina ). I have never known about that family until that point and I was super skeptical and viewed believers at tinfoil hat theorists but after that incident I definitely have more respect for people who have experiences.

    2: shorter story but still nonetheless impressive
    Again at late evening I was on way home from a friends and was driving out in farm country there was a berm on right side of road probably 3 - 4 feet high and I see a “ ghostly white image of what looked like a large horse and person ride across and through berm “. Again there is some credence to this as I did research and location and it wasn’t far from a confederate baracks area ( Davidson NC ) so yeah definitely spooky to say the least. Doc brown