• If all we are allowed is hours, minutes, I want to be able to etch each of them on to my memory with exquisite clarity so that I can recall them at moments like this...
    Jojo Moyes

    Ever take a walk down Memory Lane? It's not that difficult to find, once you know the way. Just start out on Childhood's Way, turn right when you get to Fascination Drive, and follow that until you reach Independence Street. When you get to Lonely Road, turn right just past Accomplishment Terrance and you'll come to Homestead Avenue. Continue several miles, then take a right onto Desolation Place, but that's not a through street, so when you get to Lifetime Boulevard, take a left onto it. It's a long, long road, but eventually you'll circle back to where you started, and you'll realize you're already there. Stay safe, savor each moment, always take those long walks. :om: :cupid:

  • @Lazz Was it like watching story of our life play out from a different camera angle?

  • @kaia_ That's a very unique perspective. With some memories yes, others are...hazy, faded, half remembered only

  • @Lazz Era of Exquisite and virtuoso
    Finally ending at Aum.
    Is the beginning and ending co-ordinates representing the same point?

  • @Bill-Dhivid In theory...sure. Let's go with that. Realistically it's more like yes, no, also maybe :grin:

  • @Lazz If the destination is the point of beginning, as in case of life Budhha says we just never die, we just get disappear, we were there in the beginning before life and we get disappear after it ends. This life could be a visit.
    Well that gave me lots of courage tho, now i understand it's importance and try to be a conscious visitor.

  • @Bill-Dhivid I was "baptized" into one of the Buddhist faiths, but I do not practice. I just enjoy playing with words, and this was a simple example of continuing a theme.

  • @Lazz Wow, lucky duck, you were really close to the doors of "heaven",
    But i believe in just learning good things, i studied a lot over Buddha, the whole story got stuck into my brain, i still remember how i used to behave in those days, then i got a break due to some reason and i became regular human being.

  • @Bill-Dhivid Mere mortals we are all. Each one of us. Always in readiness to shed this mortal coil, and travel on.

  • @Lazz very true pal,
    no one can deny it, the only truth can't be argued on. We all are travelers whenever the visa expires you can't take a particle with you from here, perhaps we are projected and taken this body on lease from the nature and gonna give it back to the very nature, the only thing that can't be vanished is the memories full of sacraments.

  • @Bill-Dhivid Very well said, friend

  • you don’t take anything from you to the next world, but leave only memories of yourself,
    as aptly said...

  • @hayko1769 Sometimes maybe not even that. I feel like the ghost of my former self to some, already, and I'm still here

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