I’ve been weird lately...

  • Hey guys, I know I’ve been very odd this past day. I’ve been unkind, unreasonable and fierce and feisty. I don’t want to be like this. This is not me. I am 13 and going through some mood swings and this seems to be affecting my attitude on social media. This was hard to share with you all. Please reply, with some advice if possible.

  • Soul Searchers

    is there something that is boddering you and you just lash at other people?

  • @CocoLillian first thing, just be you ,and talk with your close friends, they are here for you, and with time you will feel better and less moody, and of course, take care

  • @0ADISOR0 Well, I feel really down about not being able too see my friends. My best friend hates me last year and was best friends with a bully. The other girl bullied me the whole year until she moved house. To this day my friend admires her but at least she likes me again. Last year I might have moved school because if that bully, I hadn’t ever moved schools before.

  • Soul Searchers

    @CocoLillian never easy with bullies, they tend to make life hard. Why u cant see u friends?

  • @CocoLillian so you passed through the same thing as me, I was bullied severally when I was in the highschool, enough to make me feel sad and be angry real fast too, I was not controlling my emotions right, I had a luck that some people were really my friends and showed me new friends, and these new ones I talk until today, and I'm on college already

  • @CocoLillian well for starters find something that you enjoy doing to bring down your mood to mellow. No use in working on anything if you are worked up.

    Next as others have mentioned take the time to find people with similar interests as you. Don’t rush it the right person or persons will come along when the time is right good things are rewarded to people who wait.

    Finally, understand that you are awesome. Simple as that. And as Doc Brown says in back to the future “ When you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything”

  • @CocoLillian You have been none of that, to me. Advice? Let yourself be you. It's healthy, natural, and probably a lot of other good things, too. 😉

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