• Hey, I’m Dave. It seems pretty rare here but is anyone down to be my chat buddy.
    I’m 28, M from Jersey but now I live in Georgia with my wife and 3 kids. I’m bisexual. Currently sick and friggin tired of starving on my diet. I want BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh and to talk to you too... but mostly bread, like just one chibatta roll or an egg bagel. Feel free to HMU if you understand the craves, or just wanna look at mah cute butt. J.k (it’s not cute, it’s sex-c. 8P). But anyways, down to be upfront and try to make a real connection with strangers, so ofc feel free to ask me anything.

    P.S. if the first two reasons to HMU don’t apply, I am also down to make friends for any other reason or no reason at all.

    P.S.S. Your probs not gonna see a pic of mah bootie, so how about we scratch that reason, K?