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    I wanted him to participate in the annual function and i tried my best to do that. But he didn't participate !!!!!! I even convinced our teacher to let him participate . I had to convince her coz she things that he has potential but has a lot of ego and thus he doesn't participate in any co-curricular activities . Why is he like that !!!!!! He is a good actor and i wanted to act with him 😢😢😢

  • Why do you care so much jeez. In a couple billion years all humans will be unconscious for infinity (dead) and no one will ever be able to remember that we existed

  • Maybe he has something bothering him or he just doesn't want to, sounds like you're trying to force him, men don't react well to being forced to doing something.

  • thats just how some ppl are. you cant make them do something they dont want to no matter how good your intentions were. i didnt join that much extra currucular activities in school coz i didnt see the need for it. maybe its the same for him?

  • @cutie-cat Have you tried offering him something (I don't know what 14 year olds use as a bribe these days).
    Or may be all his ego really needs a personal invitation from the teacher telling him the play wont look good without him.

  • i dont think u should do that,no one likes being dragged into or forced to do something....would you like it?

    if u love someone try not to be pushy and a bossy ( nless he is into that kind of thing) about their limits and boundaries...let them open it in their own patient....thats how u earn their trust and respect..and that how u can have a long wonderful long term relationship...(i figured u wanted a long term with him based on ur level of excitement and intrest).

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