• @нχятѕ naaa i ain't a lunatic...i'm actually nice...so bye!

  • @Mrs-Square-pants

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 wonderful !! feared and following Religion and or with greed sound like both fear and greed .. no I do not like heaven it too boring so what can I do ?? Plus how you know people are regretting in hell ?? You been there before ??

  • @Starr03 read my statement again will ya, until you understand, don't just reply me in a rubbish way, i really don't want to mean and rude.

  • @knownsense I don't know how this is funny .... and I have had an encounter before

  • @sunwukong i read it but the first post in this topic make me to reply to you

  • @Starr03 did you actually go to school or because your english is so perfect, you don't need to? can't you see the "conditional if"? smh

  • @Mrs-Square-pants question is what sect of God you believe ?? I shall re engineer your brain

  • @knownsense Please i don't want to talk to you again!

  • @Mrs-Square-pants Mrs please don't run away now you starred it finish it accept it that you have a borrowed knowledge plus failed ideology

  • @knownsense said in Do you believe in "God"?:

    brother keep your bull to yourself and Mohammed was Jew and jesus Isa is also Jew so ??all are same race of musa before that paganism .. but it's human race dearie ,,Muhammed came after these two religion, he was one of the most smart ass to keep in unity and harmony not to fight with each other he put the teaching together, he fore saw the future and made more easy for surroundings to live in harmony and unity to live among surrounding.. he knew these greedy fucks with agenda will destroy human race in the name of Allah . please stop giving your failed idealogy of your elder folks and your priest .. and Muhammed told just before dieing lakum Deen na kum waleeya Deen !! it mean your religion is your mine is mine, so go fuck yourself !!! In Very Seattle way !!
    Peace be up on you !!

    HHHHHHHH if you can't accept other's believes, don't talk in a public place, That's 1.
    2 - you said : Muhammed told just before dieing lakum Deen na kum waleeya Deen !! (For readers this is the verse in arabic : لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ),
    but you [knownsense], Shame on you, at least don't lie on others and write the real translation, if you can't accept the truth, it's your choice, but do not lie on others.
    and for honest readers, that verse exist in chapter 109 in QURAN, IT MEANS, I follow my religion/believes and you follow your religion. which mean you are free to choose your religion, but keep in your mind that your choices here in this life, impact on the result in the last life; heaven or hell.
    _ _
    for honest readers, here it is the full chapter 105 :
    1/ Say, "O disbelievers,
    2/ I do not worship what you worship.
    3/ Nor are you worshipers of what I worship.
    4/ Nor will I be a worshiper of what you worship.
    5/ Nor will you be worshipers of what I worship.
    6/ For you is your religion, and for me is my religion."

    _ _

    I will not insult you like you did my child, because the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, teach us to be polite and nice to others, even with disbelivers.

    The prophet MOHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM ), said :
    "The believer does not insult the honor of others, nor curse, nor commit Fahishah, nor is he foul."


  • @mrhamza are you a lecturer?

  • @knownsense I don't have a borrowed knowledge.. i'm letting you believe what you want to believe

    there's no point arguing

  • @knownsense hhhhhhh I know you are atheist and you only believe that you were a monkey and with time you did learn how to face nature which is your mother, and you developed your skills and finally you became a human, Congratulation you graduate as a human, I'm just wondering why the rest of monkeys didn't become a human at the end ?? hhhhh OH, they Failed, they didn't work hard to graduate as a human.
    Maybe in another life.

  • @mrhamza i think when you pray facing the wall so much, some times you bumped your head into it while you are sleepy. good thing you said monkey developed skills, idk you as a human developed what, failed human, perhaps.

  • @sunwukong Great you mentioned I'm a human LOL, according to your comment, it looks like you are atheist too and that you did read my reply on someone here (which is an atheist).
    you said: idk you as a human developed what, failed human, perhaps.

    well; you can check my profile and see what I've developed,
    I'm a civil Engineer.
    and also a Software programmer.
    So, at least I'm doing something good for humanity.

    I know atheist believe only on materials, only on what they can see.
    BUT somehow they believe in the big bang, like they attend the event,
    But somehow they believe that their grandfather was a monkey,
    but they can't prove it, because it's only on paper. so at the end, atheist they believe in what another human believes, so at the end atheist do follow someone's thinking. so, how you could say: you believe in nothing.


  • @sunwukong well said 🤣 🤣🤣🤣

  • @Futushimo isn't that being ignorant??
    U say u believe in God means u r a accepting something as reality that u don't even know exist.

    U say u do not believe in god means u r accepting something as reality coz u can't imagine

    So isn't it is better to accept that we do not know so that atleast, the chance to know the truth remain rather than just believing somebody's fantasy

  • @mrhamza where did you find the article asking Google goddess I guess ?? Its just a perspective, I made it simple in my words is your Religion and God is your my relegion and God is mine.. if you can please explain that in your word in simple way !!
    I accept it as it is god exist for you brother , I have no problem you should read my first post some people like you need god to blame and hang on and move on, not to feel guilty for your self, not able to accept it that you did it, u need higher power very good for you.
    I didn't say you should Belive me did i?? some people like me no need god in between, I accept my mistake without feeling guilty and mov on ..
    So now what do you want brother I did say to any one please believe me, I talk some sense and rest it yours how you make sense of it non sense or sense

  • Henlo Gang SPARTAN Music Lovers Soul Searchers

    Bow ur head before the almighty aussie kangaroo god 😂😎

  • @James-C-137 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I swear that make sense James thank you some sense

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