What to do if your family rejects you ?????Help??????????????Please.

  • @NewtTrouble I am glad to hear that you do understand and know that you are all alone in this, and you only responsible for your own actions.
    you are master of your own creation..all happy being do understand and realise it for momentary.
    brain is wired so much because of our surroundings condition rules and regulation and give choices to choose not with free will being aware and consciousness.
    We all need to analyse the realisation that's the knowledge hold through informative knowledge which is borrowed , experienced one is like hard way of learning and all will do learn in over of time , fast and quick to re-engineer yourself deconstruct the wired brain and analyse the realisation..to grasp and to undersyand to be responsible to not to take responsibilities..

  • @knownsense thanks

  • @knownsense thanks

  • They are not real family. Just wait until you find the real ones. And if you have a place to go then burn down their house with you outside and them in it! People should accept people for being them!

  • @NewtTrouble well I ask you who do you live for ? And who else is exist than you ?? Sometimes it's better do not speak your mind and better speak what other have to hear from you it's well for a situation to deal with, without any complications with your surroundings

  • @knownsense I would be lying if I told you I didn't live for myself. I'm the only one that has always had my own back and I will only take care of myself before I am capable of helping others. I don't ask for anyone to care for me. I am my own responsibility. When I am confident with myself, only then, can I be confident in aiding those in need. I am not alone in my endeavors, I do have friends, if I reached, they would help me, but I am a prideful fool.

    I lack the deisired empathy towards humans, but there is one that I would lay my life without question. That is my younger brother. I've bled for him, sheltered him, took the heat (negative energies from others; physical and emotional), I've stolen so that he may eat. I lifted him when he was down, and I will stand by his side with honor. I raised him to be the man he is today, and there is no greater sense of pride and happiness than to see all his progress.

  • @Jeosha-Frazee no matter what girly love yourself and be a good person. God loves you no matter what and you can choose to be whatever just know you're never alone

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    u should stop counting on them and show them what are u made of 💪

  • Watch Anime Eyes Gamers

    @Jeosha-Frazee Make it up to them

  • ABOOBS Chocolate Lovers ;) Soul Searchers SEEKERS

    @Jeosha-Frazee tbh a family can never reject its memeber, it can only be a little disappointed with the person and the person think they hate him or her but it's not like that...a family means a group of people who live with each other and for each other....

  • @HoneyEyes heya

  • @HoneyEyes wow! wanna thank you for you being you. i read your profile and you are a breath of fresh air! the words CHRISTIAN, SIMPLE, AND HUMBLE are the ones that caught my eye. i wish more girls could live like that. i try so hard to show them modesty can still be sexy by they insist on acting like street corner hos on here still. but im so glad there are still girls that live the way you do. my faith in humanity is now restored tonight !

  • I noticed you have not posted about this in a while...have things gotten any better or has your situation changed

  • @Jeosha-Frazee I can't say my situation was as you've described. Similar, in a way, though. What I did was to immerse myself in my own interest which was and to this day IS music. Writing, recording, just practicing and playing. It was like I was in my own private world, where nothing else mattered, or was able to have an impact on me. I don't know if you have something you can throw yourself into, completely, as I did, but if so, use that passion. It helped me, might do well for you, as well.

  • Sorry happy beings I am very new to this chat zone and I really do not follow much for now , who gets what text to whom ??

  • I have a thought about family.
    I know that some sense can make of it may be non sense or sense how ever you take it in your brain.
    my parents had sex and it's a fun cause for them never thought that I will be effect,
    Science say hundreds thousands of sperm will be travelling toward the egg and one fittest one will enter the egg..
    There are case survival is fittest start from mother womb we kill our own sibbling to survive, we get birth gift a name,a relegion, a sect, with out our choice.
    Even our parent don't want to admit that they didn't think we will exist, accept as it is not with Thier Consciousness and free will with awsreness, because of fear of Thier image created by themselves through Thier surroundings they give all of it and pose all the failure ideology of Thiers forcing toward us not giving space to breathe and think for my self Al they think that it's better for us because they are elders forgetting that I struggled to gain this human form with awareness and free will,having Consciousness to choose.
    2+2 is 4 can't be 5 universal truth, same way attachment create love towards parents and child..
    I do not choose them with my choice its given ..
    Comman sense is not for all being , it's hard to deal with fellow who dont have any.
    it would be stupid to deal with people knowing myself that they don't have any sense to understand, making them understand is waste of time.. better for me to accept it without like and dislikes and it's wonderful

  • @NewtTrouble well you ar lieng to yourself , you did clearly mentioned that u lived for yourself and will sacrifice yourself for your brother .. that not living it's surviving with fear.
    past (memories )and connecting to future( illusion) living in to avoiding the situation of your imagination..
    Empathy sympathy is setimental emotional rape to mind, attaching you image in your brain and feeling it .
    Living for yourself with out any agenda from your surroundings and doing it with compassion.

  • @maggygiraffes it would be wonderful if "The God" exist, he would be generous and whole world would be Shangri-la , isn't it?

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