• Don’t dare say my fuckn name or hers

    I am done dead mother fuckn dead for all of yall
    I’ve never been as serious as I am today

    I hate her I hate sidra and qadeer I hate y’all who ever might thinks life is a game and love is a joke watch you all will be tracked for what you’re thinking is a joke or game to play with emotions

    Sidra thera sulman sunny aaaj Gaya


    Now try and find me officially understand you didn’t ever really care it’s was a game sulaman sunny is dead

    He is dead for you walahi May Allah remind you daily that love is no joke

    I promise to you and everything everyone that you will see what bad is

    I am gone from Dallas
    Try to find me now

    You will see what it’s like to lose someone you actually love

    You are no angel you are not perfection you are a fake ass hoe don’t speak my name you are gone for me 4ever

    Funk all of u