Beautiful white blonde girls with average looking black guys. What's the story?

  • This has happened to me many times. Walking on streets, I have come across a number of time beautiful blonde girls with black African guys which area is looking they're not really handsome.... but they both seem very in love holding hands kissing and all that....

    who can explain me the logic behind this do looks matter at all or not for girls or boys???

  • hy
    can i

  • Interesting. It's most likely infatuation and curiosity. I wouldnt say it's love. The chance to try something new,to meet someone new,outside your culture,your race. It can be a novel feeling. If you stick around with it long enough then it's safe to say it's love. But if not, it will die out and you move on to the next fad.

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    @tina the logic is

    1. That girl loves his money
    2. The boy loves dat body

  • we sometimes have the thinking that people who are different from each other ( because of how they look where they are from whats their status in life etc etc) shouldnt or its odd to see them together... maybe they just genuinely like each other and enjoy each others company???

    do looks matter? it shouldnt but it does as we judge books by their covers. in the long run though and if youre in it for real, it wouldnt then

  • Love doesn't concentrate on look. Only looks heart.

  • @tina

    Low self esteem