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  • LurkersForLife

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  • Seeing progress within yourself is quite exciting. What are your fitness goals?

    If you would like any advice with weight training and size building, I will be happy to assist you.

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  • @NewtTrouble have abs idk hmu

  • @baldshinobi It just means he is a loser lol

  • @tyler_ro2 I highly recommend looking up ATHLEAN-X on YouTube. The guy is phenomenal.

    There are a few great exercises you can do with abs. If you already have the strength to do dips, you can try the screwdriver.

    I personally love working with dumbbells, so I usually lay on an inclined bench and hold the dumbbell(s) to my chest. Keep your back straight, legs straight, and do sit ups, when you lower your back down, do not touch the bench. Hover over above it for a second then go back up into a sit up.

    Now the weight you hold to your chest is most important. If you can do at least 15 sit ups with this weight, you need to grab a heavier dumbbell. You want to be able to complete 10 reps, but begin to struggle at 6 reps. If you get up to 5 sets of 10 reps then you must up your reps up to 15. If you can still manage to do 5 sets of 15 reps... it is time to get a heavier weight to work with. Now that is just the workout part of the goal. Your daily diet is the second part of process, but you didnt ask about that.

    Anyways try out that screwdriver. Here is a great video for more ideas on abs as well :) oh and remember! In order to have a strong stomach, you have to have a strong back, so never forget about you back. Balance is key.

  • @Vlad20 wow thx ik