But for reals there are a lot of sad people here

  • "But you're one of them too"
    Yep. Definitely.

    But yeah, there are so many sad, desperate lonely people here. There are actually a bunch of cool discussion topics too, which I did NOT expect. But Jesus frick, for every one cool discussion there's two more horny people begging for nudes and trying to hump anyone in sight. ("But you're one too." Never said I wasn't.) Like, seriously, what the hell is wrong with us?? Even the site itself is advertising dating sites with pictures of sexy women like nobody's business! Why are any of us even here?? Besides the obvious "bored/lonely/horny" reason. Like, so many other actually legitimate sites exist. This site doesn't even practice what it advertises! "No bots allowed here!" "We ban innapropriate users!" Yeah. Sure. Like, dude, there is so much sadness and desperation here. Buuut there's cool stuff/people here too I guess. ("You changed your opinion at the last minute!" You bet your left ass cheek I did~)

    Oh my gosh I am sorry, I did not intend for this to be as long as it is. I meant to type a couple things and all that came flooding out. This went from a cynical remark to a full-on rant that fast. I guess you could say it "escalated quickly".

  • @justforfun life is pointless but death is also pointless, just remember that what you care about is important but that you won't remember caring about it when you're dead. People are arrogant beings who have all the answers they need to solve all their issues in philosophy and science but you're not responsible for that arrogance, all that you're responsible for is how much you will know about philosophy and science and how you improve your own health, wealth, happiness, intelligence and other people around you on the planet

  • No sir I would not like to purchase any cynical-philosophy-that-is-also-weirdly-kinda-positive-but-still-sucky today.

  • @justforfun what i said was not cynical it was stoic but in your arrogance you know nothing about stoicism

  • @justforfun what i said was also very logically consistent but you know nothing about logic because you don't know that logic is a branch of philosophy

  • Send nudes

  • @JustForFun don't worry @cuntfuck is just a funny non-harmful troll

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