puppet or not?

  • i feel that we all are puppets built to play our parts in a story line of some greater purpose.
    do u agree??if yes why?
    if u dont,why?

  • Elon Musk has a theory that we are in a simulation like the Matrix.
    He is funding quite a few start ups(spending millions) to verify this.
    In case his theory pans out then that definitely makes us all puppets in grand story line.

  • Music Lovers

    Yeah I agree with that but to an extent first I think most people are more so sheeps instead of puppets. I feel like when you come to the realization of that then you stand at a crossroad continue and play your part and follow the rest of the sheep to the slaughterhouse or break free from the known and jump head first into the unknown. Write your own story! I think of life like a movie if your not the star of your own movie then your kinda just cheating yourself. I dont mean be selfish but dont be a extra in the sequel to the movie adaptation of your own life, be the main character in the first movie lol hopefully that made sense.

  • Gamers

    I don't believe in fate. You can change minds and your actions can have positive and negative effects on people's lives.

    I know you believe in a creator. I will assume for now he exists. If everything was fate then his gift of life was very shallow. If he did create the world with a script like a movie... Who would he show it to? He knows the ending too... What a waste of time!

    I do get the feeling you do though. I think that's because we experience life in our own heads, and it can be hard to imagine everyone else in life has their own internal motives, thoughts and feelings... It's too hard. So for most people we meet, we only observe what they do and say.. So it can feel like a world of puppets.

    That was long...

  • @lucifer_ what about you? what your opinion?

  • @khaleezi91
    I don't see a grand story, not yet.
    But if it is that story is too big for me to comprehend.

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