• Apparently there is a whole truckload of people willing to share their nudes and URLs of something closely resembling pornography. Guys won't talk to guys, lest they are termed as a 'bi' or 'gay', there are more guys than girls and people are faking their names and locations to a magnificent extent...There are some nice people I met there, but apparently after disconnecting, I can't find them anywhere. Let's just say that this particular section is the darker side of this whole website! I actually set my chat to refresh after disconnection, and nobody, except people who really care to know whether my name is masculine or of the opposite gender, even tries to make an effort to text!!
    I would, although being a newbie here, find it comfortable to now say that this particular facility might be in need of a fix and supervision!

  • Yeah, I had to forget doing random chats because it was nothing but pervs. Now Im just looking at public chat rooms with multiple, real people to conversate with.