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    Most of the time when you go to propose a girl or make frnds no matter where on social media or directly... attitude is always an unexpected member of that situation. Most of the times its on the girls side and manier times boys too ,but lets just talk about the one on the side of girls.
    It sucks when a girl tries to act like she didn't notice you approaching her while she actually DID,y can't they simply give a peck of smile and see him approach it'll simply increase our confidence, But no there an asshole btw us @ATTITUDE. this guy always ruins every beautiful proposal rehearsed by the boy and u know what makes the situation more worse @Friends (the one tn the girls side) y can't they fookin enjoy the situation But NO....the wanna remind the girl to be in attitude or poke their @ass in the conversation hardly managed by the boy and say something lame that would ruin the situation and leave the guy idea less. So let me teach you
    HOW TO GET PROPOSED (If you will to,or else stick to ur attitude you all look ...OK... in it😉)
    Look at the guy and smile a bit .
    Don't try to act like you didn't notice him.
    Try to aside ur friends and allow that fella some comfort.
    Enjoy the proposal.

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  • @Ehsan-Khalifa i also hate when girls do that too lol

  • That is a good idea but the likely hood of that is also slimmer 😂

  • Not that I disagree but most girls usually have to show their stern and I've noticed ppl who have walked towards me but at last min took a turn so ofc their not gonna think ur walking up to them. On a side note if girls don't show attitude most boys take advantage of that so girls show that that have a bite. And if the boy doesn't like it then it's not gonna be 😂 u gotta live with that. Also the friends are usually hanging out so when a man walks up to her the friends make sure that man ain't about to pull a stint like I've seen all girls stick together (and sound like chickens when u walk by them haha no offense to any girls who read this)

  • Btw I'm a boy 18 and I still think girls need to stand their ground bc too many boys take advantage of nice ppl I'm one of those nice ppl 😟

  • @Lucky8 aww felt that buddy !!though I'd like to stick to my opinion that friends ruin it.ure ri8 at the point that ppl use good ppl,but to handle that situation u need "EGO" not "ATTITUDE".....as faras I know ego dsn't hurt but attitude does.Though thanks for the reply dude

  • Ego is a sense of self confidence attitude shows that ur not someone to take crap and u'll dish it out as fast as it gets put in 😂 ego is something I lack lol but I don't need attitude bc I usually try to calmly solve a problem or I just use their own words phrased diff against them haha

  • Waiy that's self-esteem isnt it...

  • @Lucky8 ure a boy ri8..then nigger y r u frookin teelin me,let the girls give their own replies

  • Bc girls have a right to speak as well as we do also they may also do attitude to impress their friends but that's Something we all do>.> I don't bc there's no point on being toxic for no reason

  • Like i saod before they have to show their not a push over

  • @Ehsan-Khalifa let the girls propose you bruhh

  • Ofc unless it's online then u cant get away from them much like me haha

  • @Lucky8 slim yet existent just wait for them to fall for you, rein your horses and love emotion

  • Patience is the key comrades, and they will want you kids 😂

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ehsan-Khalifa After all They're Girls They Do Anything

    They're Great 😶

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