What's death and what happens after that?

  • @davitchen Life or the soul of a living being is actually a cosmic energy of universe and after death it returns back to it and waits for rebirth. According to my faith, after death souls leave the and gets reborn according to its karma in its last life.It reincarnates itself in the form of animals or insects if it performed bad deeds whereas good deeds leads to human birth.But one can attain salvation from this cycle of rebirth by attaining moksha or salvation by denouncing all worldly pleasures ad thereby getting into a state of complete freedom,eternal
    bliss and enlightenment.

  • Would it be too easy to acknowledge that we must learn more before that question can be fully answered..? I would also like to conclude that "death" is rather much more of a formality than we want to believe- with that said, I can also safely assume that, because we are atomic, death is simply misunderstood.

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