• i realize some can be cruel and inaccurate but i ask because of this. ever see the Simpsons? remember Apu at the Kwik E Mart? how he talked, how he acted? the guy doing his voice is no longer going to because of the uproar people are having with his character. why is this wrong? almost EVERY indian person i have ever met talks like that, acts like that, and yes even works in those damn stores! so if that is all you see all the time how the hell is that racist? please, enlighten me. i want to be educated here. and lastly, to tie into sterotypes/etc why is "retarded" a bad word? im serious. is that not what MENTAL RETARDATION is? is that not an actual medical term ? please explain

  • @mikeJB I had no idea about this. It maybe because the voice actor is white and not Indian. I haven't watched the show in forever but it would be odd to no longer see him. Maybe they are only changing the voice actor? 🤷‍♂️

  • @mikeJB As for the second part that is no longer the medical term that is used. It maybe also be because of sensitivity but I know it's no longer used in medicine. 😊

  • they are getting rid of Apu completely

  • @mikeJB oh wow that's crazy. The only thing I can think of is because the voice actor is white and a new voice would be pointless.

  • @Gemini_Beta but how is is bad? if you say to some with autism "you are autistic" then that is what you are. why is it not the same for mental retardation? im wanting to be educated. i have fought people about this. i just dont get it. im not calling you names, just acknowledging what drs have told you!

  • @mikeJB I get where you are coming from but I'm not 100% sure if it changed because of sensitivity or because the medical terminology changed. A lot of medical terms, diagnosis and cures have changed throughout the birth of medicine. That just goes with the territory. Mentally disabled means the same thing and if saying that doesn't emotionally damage someone I think it's worth it. Medical professionals also seem to feel the same. 😊

  • @mikeJB I agree with @Gemini_Beta. It might have been okay to cast a white guy to play an Indian in the 90s, back when Simpsons first came out, but it sure ain't okay anymore.

    As for your second question... bro, seriously? You don't know why "retarded" is a bad word? 😁😁 It's a bad word because people use it to offend others.

  • @mikeJB It's about making an effort not to offend people. For instance spastic and cripple were normal terms here in the UK when i was a.kid. but let's face it, they are pretty offensive terms, physically challenged just has a more respectful, sensitive ring to it doesn't it? I think it's all.just about raising awareness and trying to be decent to others. I mean mongol is still.quite a freely used term here and it's clearly not nice. How would you feel if your child had a physical or mental condition and someone called them cripple/retard? You'd probably want to tear their face off right?