• If only everyone could experience true love and give true love I think wars would cease to be and while everyone might not get along I do think we would all be way too happy and satisfied to concern ourselves with weapons and killing each other forcing our will upon another for selfish self-centered inconsiderate reasons.
    If you loved completely giving your all and received the same from your lover you would have no choice but to emanate love from every pore and if everyone was this way how wonderful life could be for all.

    If I could supply the world with orgasm pills I would. There's nothing better then waking to a complete body orgasm and sharing that with your lover back and forth until you lay spent and exhausted in each other's arms

  • That would be wonderful. I do agree that people need to be MUCH nicer and RESPECT each other more - MUCH MORE.

    But your idea makes me wonder - when would they get anything done? There are MANY mundane but necessary jobs. I much rather have an orgasm than pick up garbage or teach someones rambunctious child. However I'm grateful for the trash collectors (especially in large freezing places like New York City) or the teachers that deal with kids that help mold our future.

    @wet-teri Have you read "Brave New World"?