• this might be a totally dumb question but im asking anyway. when you hear the term SONGWRITER. what is that referring to ? the writing of the lyrics or the guitar chords? i am only a drummer and i play by ear so i know nothing about guitar. but when they say "she is a great songwriter" are they referring to the lyrical writing talent? always wondered. and that made me think. you have in the 70s so many artists that wrote all their own stuff. paul simon, carole king, harry chapin, jim croce, etc. is that now a dying art? is everything now from a prepackaged studio? where the strings for the puppets are pulled from up high? the only artist i can think of that writes her own shot is taylor swift. any others?

  • @mikeJB
    When they speak of songwriters the terms referring to who penned the song mainly the lyrics, however the musical accompaniment is also part of it and that is why a lot of songs are attributed to more than one person.
    Willie Nelson is one of the most prolific songwriters ever, and has written songs for Patsy Cline and numerous other well-known artists.

  • @mikeJB said in any musicians here?:

    you have in the 70s so many artists that wrote all their own stuff. paul simon, carole king, harry chapin, jim croce, etc. is that now a dying art? is everything now from a prepackaged studio?

    Dude, that's only true if all you listen to is top 40 pop music 😁 Pretty much all of the modern rock , indie and country musicians write their own stuff, 100% guaranteed. You just gotta keep looking for the right peeps to listen to 👍

  • I hear what your saying Mike and I get where youre coming from. And to be honest, if you're a drummer it makes sense that you would ask. You're percussion and while I know percussion instruments can be tuned, you couldn't play chords on drums ( or can you?) i've understood it as someone that can write lyrics and pair those lyrics with original music. Yes there are plenty of singer song writers, I have a playlist. I'll take a screen shot for you. My favorite by far ia Chelsea Wolfe though. I'll post my playlist in a bit

  • alt text

    I screen shot my own personal Spotify playlist I created of my favorite Female Singer Songwriters. I know it says folk, but it's not folk in the traditional sense. Some of these women rock. Check it out if you're interested in new artist.

  • I looked at the list strange I don't really recognize any of them but that's not surprising since I'm an old dinosaur.
    Anybody heard of The Donnas?

  • Only femme fatale i know is by the velvet underground...

    This isnt like folk punk is it?

  • @wet-teri none of the artist on my list are top 40s popular music. Most of those sing songwriters have day jobs lol but they make some killer music. and yeah, of course, Donnas are classic.

  • Without a doubt my favorite singer songwriter is a friend of mine named Monte Montgomery I guarantee you he's one of the best 3 guitar players in the world

  • Sorry for all the post, I just forgot to mention my answer to your subject question, any musicians, raises hand I play piano. My parents forced me to take lessons when I was 13 till i was out of high school. I still play from time to time but not as much as i would like to.

  • @Lindsey
    If you ask me I will tell you that I'm a lead guitar player although I too had to take piano lessons and I play the piano I play the bass the drums all kinds of stringed instruments not banjo and violin and nothing that requires blowing into either no horns I miss my band. To me music is music there's not much difference from a musician's point of view or at least not from mine it is what it is rock is Rock country is country blues blues classical is classical excetera excetera
    you may or may not be surprised at how much of what we hear today in the specially The Rock in the countries throughout the 60s and the 70s is based on blues very blues oriented

  • @wet-teri I agree, it's my understanding that Rock is just the Blues sped up

  • @Lindsey
    It doesn't even have to be sped up Lindsey a lot of led Zeppelin is almost note-for-note the same as the original then in fact some of it even slower although it's definitely got more crunch to it. Although some of it was taken from songs that were written in the twenties in the 30s before electric guitars and effects pedals and amplifiers really were available to the public

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