judge this beauty :

  • i just wanna know what you all think of her. i think that smile might be the prettiest one i have ever seen (except for karen carpenter go look up her up) . she is a cosmetics spokewoman. her name is Marissa and she is polish, i beleive. what is it about european girls and their beauty? anyway, is she pretty? plain? hot? i am SMITTEN with her!

    marisa .jpg marissa.jpg

  • Soul Searchers

    She definitely has a beautiful smile and I like the way her hair has the look of.... Being interrupted while making out.

  • She's definitely beautiful. I can see why you'd be smitten. As far as your question about "What is it about European girls and their beauty?" Here's my theory, Mike I assume your American? Idk if this will make sense or not but Americans tend to look similar in a way. Like no matter how racially diverse your community, they all have a familiar look about them. but European's on the other hand, their features are so unique to American eyes. They're unlike anything we see in our daily lives. So you combine beauty + those unique european features = it takes it to another level. Idk if that makes sense.

  • and one more of the prettiest smiles on this planet. the lovely ereka vetrini!!!!!!!!!!


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