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    She moved towards me like silk moves in a breeze. Her glow was soft, yet strikingly strong. Eyes brown and big like an oak tree in summer with rays of golden sun stung throughout. She moved as if an angel slowly awakening inside her. Her long brunette hair shimmered as it gracefully fell along her shoulders resting upon her breasts. I would call her body smooth like softly blown waves in the sea, but no justice would it give to her. Her smile could make any woman stop in her tracks, just to appreciate the glorious happiness it brings. Her laugh brings joy like the peace nature brings in solitude. A total eclipse of winters cold, only allowing warm spring and summer. Hips a sailboat rocked by a beat only she could know. Sweet kisses with lips that taste like the most perfectly ripe fruit. Her hands touch as water does; politely gracing your skin and leaving you with droplets slowly fading. Her glance love-filled as a lover of many years might look at you. She is a beauty from the inside out; she is graceful with every step; she is everything I want, and so much more

  • @Ladydoall30 fucking hell luv, that is the most gloriously evocative and butterfly inducingly romantic heart on sleeve love letter/poem I've seen in a long time. I love the use of nature for comparisons to her beauty. I know how in love i have been when I've been compelled/inspired to write poetry for someone, it's transcendental, makes you feel.ten feet tall and floating above yourself. You wrote this for your wife yeah? She is one lucky lady. And you have more talents than you let on! 😊😊

  • @Scottish check out the video :)

  • @Ladydoall30 gotta love a bit of belly dancing. One of the sparks of my fledgling sexuality as a wee guy watching sinbad movies lol, true fact. Grace is something i admire greatly, it's a bit of a.thing of mine. The sword on the head raises it another level, such poise and confidence, hats off! 😊😊

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