• Hi there,

    I was simply wondering whether or not there are people active here, familiar with the roots reggae dub culture.
    I'm here in the hopes of finding someone who could share his/her wisdow , and of course to find/ and share music as well.

    I'll leave a tune here; Christine Miller ‎– Zion Bound + Zion dub + Steppin Forward

  • @Antho_vn i absolutely love reggae in all it's forms, grew up with it, still love it, my kids love it. If you want a good hit of it check out lee scratch Perry, the undisputed master in my book, finest producer mad genius. A good srarting point would be his Arkology triple album, it will turn you on to loads if fantastic artists all produced by the man himself at his bkack ark studio in Kingston

  • @Antho_vn i also highly recommend his albums a serious dub and public jestering. I could talk about reggae all night but that's a good few hours of top quality roots and dub to start you off. Oh and the give me power album. And chicken scratch, all 5 are essential albums

  • @Scottish I'm actually a little spooked that this thread has gotten a reply!
    I'm currently at work but I'll make note to look it up, thanks for sharing! :)

  • @Antho_vn you're welcome brother. Gimme a shout when you're free, i can recommend loads of good reggae artists to you my man!

  • @Scottish I' finally took the time to listen to some of his work.
    So far the one that I' prefer is the album " Arkology Reel III Dub Adventurer ".

    Lesser vocals than his other songs, but the tunes bring a certain peace that goes well along with the extra work I had to do.

  • @Antho_vn i knew you would dig it bro. Other guys to check out- augustus pablo, prince far-i , mad professor, horace andy. But for a dub excursion on the version delve into the pay it all back series, second generation Jamaicans and all the people they inspired to go on their dub trip with them in 80s/90s England. Highly recommend pay it all back volumes 3 and 4, you'll find some class dub on those albums, very of itself