• i swear, i no i cannot regulate this place. but you dudez for nudez please go find a damn free porn chat site or something to lurk in. is anyone here genuinely for friends/dating? does it have to be fn rp/ass/tits/hentai/perv whatever? i dont mind the loose anything goes mantra here, but i just wish we could sperate the pervs in here from the ones that would actually like to meet someone and for it to have more meaning. guess im asking too much on the damn internet

  • @mikeJB haha bro it can dement you can't it lol. Even on posts specifically asking to avoid it there's still guys giving it"hmu, let's sext", Jesus, even on topics where people are pouring their hearts out about pain and grief. Try and let it pass around you, there's enough good people here to make it worthwhile

  • ok ladies and girls. i am older . i am NOT a perv. i have no desire to be your daddy or dress up and play furbies. i am prob even ugly. all i can offer you is a neverending, warm, poetic, wholesome HEART. nothing more. so if that does not intrigue, save the sex texts for some thirsty frat boy. cuz i want more

  • One Woman Army GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders Freedom Writers

    Finally a man who has such a idea. I was beginning to think every male just wants sexting even when they say 'hey lets be friends'. Glad to see there are a few different here.

  • this is no lie Pardis. i would take a log lasting , wholesome, slow and simple relationship over a thousand hoes at my feet naked. there, i said it

  • @mikeJB Yeah I notice too much of that here. The ones I find especially disturbing are the 11-12 year olds wanting to participate in this idk what to even call it

  • @mikeJB literally as we speak i have some catfish girl messaging me, she's actually started 2 seperate conversations with me and is asking the same dull shit on both. I wonder if she even realises, i kinda doubt it lol

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