• "deep blue eyes flow in the fall leaves. His hand in mine all so gently. A songbird lay in the nest up above all. Small animals play by the stream as the wolfs drank the cold flowing waters. Sall the fish move fast avoiding all who dare to keep the paws of death with teeth so sharp. It shall be the earth that waits for dusk on the ground's dirt for it seemed so peaceful among all that creep. Will A songbird sing for the hatched who have not seen the world so uncontained. Will leaves flow when a cold wind blows under the river deep below. Sall animals become together as if no war could be riped out from under".

    Thank you all I hope you enjoyed this story. Let me know what you think.

  • @Emma-Bradley That was lovely Emma. You took my mind for a walk somewhere beautiful

  • @Emma-Bradley wil you allow me to use your topic and page to post a poem i wrote? ill await your permission