• I don't know what to say!

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @Yuuu 😅

  • Ok i got a good question for you! Have you ever had an overwhelming and tingling urge all the way down in the clit of your tight little pussy that made you want really bad to go in your brothers room shut the door behind you, then pull your brothers big thick dick out of his pants and just put your mouth down on it and slobber it up real good and as he starts to grow and swell and you go down on him, taking him down to his his balls as he is still growing in your throat. Once he is rock hard and throbbing you realize how huge your little brothers gorgeous 9" cut thick cock was and it makes your pussy start dripping wet as you deepthroat him then cant help but suck the fuck out of his huge throbbing cock then suck his cum out and swallow every drop for him as your 1st ever suck and Swallow

  • Plz follow me i am new here i am too studying mechanical engineering i have taken account seeing your profile

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